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   Introducing iDealT&A Fingerprint Sensor T&A system! Full functions Time & Attendance software packaged in a new elegant design case suitable for office, factory, hotel, hospital, bank etc.

    Our T&A system helps employers with information that they have always collected, but formerly in a laborious, time consuming fashion. The main objective in implementing a system is to ensure accuracy and fairness in pay, in the interests of employees and employers alike.

    The speed and accuracy with which they do this wreaks profound changes on the payroll department and the roles of the people within them. Detailed information on attendance can be  linked to payroll systems that automatically allocate the correct rate, updated in real time.

   Our latest T&A systems offer easy gathering and presentation of information on shift patterns, absenteeism and lateness. This gives the payroll department a strategic lever: it can identify inefficient working arrangements or areas of suspected poor morale, giving precious information to line managers, the HR department and ultimately the board.

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* Free integration to your existing payroll, HR or accounting software

*Free Installation, training, enrollment and programming.


¡¤ Built in strong U.S.A Intel32bit fingerprint embedded standalone  module (ZEM100), it is easy to integrate   with various systems.
¡¤ Support finger 360 degree identification, easy to use
¡¤ Sensor window cotton improving image quality, accepts dry, wet fingers
¡¤ CMOS automated exposure and intelligent compensation improved   image quality
¡¤ Adjusting image distortion, assure fingerprint matching consistency
¡¤ Customised software to integrate with client existing Accounting software or automated payroll system.

Technical Specification

¡¤ Size£º190(L)X140(W)X57(H)mm
¡¤ User Capacity£º1500
¡¤ Transaction Storage £º50000
¡¤ Algorithm version £ºBiokey VX6.0 new algorithm
¡¤ Hardware platform£ºZEM100
¡¤ Communications£º RS232 ,RS485 ,TCP/IP(UDP Protocol)
¡¤ Door Control£º 12V 2A
¡¤ Identification time £º £¼=2S
¡¤ FAR£º <=0.0001%
¡¤ FRR£º <=1%
¡¤ Operating Temperature £º 0¡æ-45¡æ
¡¤ Operating Humidity £º 20%-80%
¡¤ Sensor£º ZK Sensor
¡¤ Language£º English



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