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1. What is the advantage of using ERP?

Drive competitive advantage through ERP, Improve productivity and reduce cost, keep your customer satisfied, make better business decision and a better IT infrastructure.

2. Why should SME/Manufacturers implement an ERP system?

A good ERP system is able to provide you with solid, measurable financial benefit upon carefull implementation. Your improve in on-time delivery, increased quality, shortened delivery times make your new customer satisfaction. Better inventory planning, reduce excess carrying costs, efficient tracking and forecasting of requirement keep your existing happy.

Integrated with accounting, created a better visibility into accounts, vendor performance, reduced fiscal period, improved collection and manageable on critical data.

3. Implementation: How long does it take?

Please note that you are not buying off the shelf product like MYOB, Quickbook Accounting software etc, select and use the right system and tailor the system to your needs is the key to full benefit generated from ERP. This is no small task; be prepared to spend time determining your business needs and researching the appropriate solution, both from a feature/function and a technology standpoint.

4. Price: How much does ERP cost?

ERP system cost is based on the number of users and options that are licensed with the base system. While we cannot post actual figures on our web site, we are proud to say that we offer a solution that meets the criteria of most budgets: our software is affordable to small and mid-market businesses. So do contact us for a coffee talk.

5. Avoid the illusion of fake saving?

Many company choose to purchase a prewritten ERP solution under the assumption that because the software is prewritten, they can cut some cost. In reality, prewritten packages require IT personnel to locate bugs and apply patches to the packaged software. There are seldom any real human savings associated with adopting a prewritten ERP package.

6. How to I get Government subside?

There are numerous grant that we can helps you apply. Singapore government is encourage most SME/SMB to move into IT sector to gain competitive advantage. More info can be obtain through SPRING web site.



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