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Microsoft .Net Based Platform

Technology is clearly necessary to stay competitive in today's marketplace. Our mission is to use technology to ensure that iDealERP helps you sustain growth and compete successfully without burdening your company -- and your IT department -- with an overly complex and non-adaptive product.

Microsoft .NET (“dot net”) is the latest technology innovation in the software industry. We  are confident that enterprise applications in pure Microsoft .NET managed code will have overwhelmingly clear advantages and therefore will soon become a standard requirement for software users. 

Exclusive use of Microsoft technology establishes a seamless interaction between all elements of the iDealERP architecture. iDeal-ERP is written in Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications®, Microsoft Visual Basic®, Visual Basic.NET and Microsoft Transact SQL (T-SQL) languages. Intuitive ERP uses Microsoft SQL Server® as the database platform.

Our pure Microsoft approach means we provide our customers with a robust and completely integrated infrastructure, ease of administration and modification, ease of connectivity to and integration with other Microsoft and Microsoft-based products, and reduced IT requirements. Consistent technology also means that, as a software provider, is able to put its development energy into building features and functions that directly benefit our customers, rather than wasting time chasing solutions to tough problems rooted in technology clashes.

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iDealERP with Barcode & RFID Technology

iDealTech Solutions’ warehouse/cold storage management system is a state-of-the-art information system that gives you increases in accuracy, improvement in efficiency, reduction in labor costs and greater ability to service customers by reducing cycle times in your warehouse and code storage operation. The system executes strategic processes such as physical inventory, shipping, receiving, replenishment/pick/loose-pack/pack, and order processing. It is also a barcode and RFID based system running on many popular portable data terminals (PDTs) and PDAs, and supporting mobile computing and wireless networking. The system is affordable, easy to perform, and rich with an intuitive user interface, enables you to achieve success in the dynamic and demanding business environment.

What is a RFID?

(Short for radio frequency identification, a technology similar in theory to bar code identification. With RFID, the electromagnetic or electrostatic coupling in the RF portion of the electromagnetic spectrum is used to transmit signals. An RFID system consists of an antenna and a transceiver, which read the radio frequency and transfer the information to a processing device, and a transponder, or tag, which is an integrated circuit containing the RF circuitry and information to be transmitted.









Pocket PC or Mobile Devices Solution

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Solutions) can be combined with Pocket PC or Mobile devices to provide a wonderful solution in Logistics and Product Inventory.




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